Papier. Los!

Papier. Los!
Here are some impressions from my recent exhibition “Papier. Los!” (Paper. Go!) at the Old Jailhouse in Freising. From Jan 27 to Feb 4 the space was filled with works from paper. I was there with my artist friend Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp, who presented new drawings and prints and many threedimensional pieces. I showed works with altered books, especially Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, new pieces from newspaper and also the recent occupation with cracks in the road that I conserved on paper.

Papier. Los! - exhibition view

Papier. Los! – exhibition view

Detail. breathing the story.

detail. breathing the story.

Nachrichtentexturen. Ines Seidel.

news textures. Ines Seidel.

Zwei Nachrichtenformen. Ines Seidel.

two news shapes. Ines Seidel.

Rot. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

Red. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

Blick in Ausstellung. Arbeiten aus Büchern. Ines Seidel

exhibition view. altered books. Ines Seidel

Form eines Mysteriums. Ines Seidel.

shape of a mystery. Ines Seidel.

Blick in Ausstellung. Risse sammeln. Ines Seidel

exhibition view. collecting cracks. Ines Seidel

Geschichte mit Rissen. Ines Seidel

story with cracks. Ines Seidel

Blick in Ausstellung.

exhibition view.

The Talk

Maske mit Sprechblase. Ines Seidel
“The Talk” was an installation that was on show at the a href=””>Friday Gallery, Munich during Munich Jewellery Week from 24 Feb to 1 March. In a dialogue with the South African artist Allun Turner I have been creating jewellery objects, textures and masks from newspaper. Over the course of several weeks I got the chance to dive deeper into my favorite subject – words and gestures. Here are a few impressions:

The Talk. installation view. Ines Seidel.

The Talk. installation view. Ines Seidel.

 texture from burst speech bubbles. Ines Seidel

texture from burst speech bubbles. Ines Seidel

Allun Turner. trophy head.

Allun Turner. trophy head.

Allun Turner @ The Talk

Allun Turner @ The Talk

pendant made from newspaper. Ines Seidel.

pendant made from newspaper. Ines Seidel.

show your wound. ring made with paper.  Ines Seidel.

show your wound. ring made with paper. Ines Seidel.

"The Talk". Ausschnitt. Ines Seidel

“The Talk”. Ausschnitt. Ines Seidel

Procreate Project

On the 15th of December the Procreate Project will launch in London. The initiative has been founded to support and network with international mother artists. More than 100 artists contribute to the launching exhibition at the Women’s Art Library at the University of London. Until 18th of December the works are shown in specially made photozines. I am represented with the photo series “Our Baby”.

Our Baby. self with news. Ines Seidel.

Our Baby. self with news. photography.

The five piece installation “One” will also be shown during the launch event. It is currently on the way to London.
ONE. Ines Seidel.

ONE. pigment transfer, wire, ink on concrete.

I am the chicken and the egg,
I am the shell and the crack.
I am the nest. I leave the nest.
I am in pieces that do not rhyme.
I am in pieces that rhyme with


Poster for the exhibiton "KOMMUNikation" in Neufahrn
From the 24th of July the town hall of Neufahrn will be all about communication. At least that is true for the halls where I will spread out with my posters, objects and wall hangings. The exposition “KOMMUNikation” will be all about language, listening and the unspoken, which are central to me. But it will also be about place and community.
In my last exhibition I have predominantly worked with old books but this time a few other materials will get their say: Used envelopes reveal secrets, plastic bags beg for conciliation and cereal boxes will be filled with the silence of Neufahrn, the place I am living in. Depending on their disposition, visitors can find humorous, profound or provocative messages. At any rate, there will be something to talk about!
The vernissage takes place on Thursday, the 24th of July at 7 p.m.. Not just the Neufahrn community is invited!

I listen to my self. altered headset. Ines Seidel