KOMMUNikation – Vernissage

material for discussionMany thanks to all who came to the opening of the exhibition KOMMUNikation last week! The show can be seen until the end of September during opening hours of the town hall Neufahrn. Here are some impressions:

wall hangings from plastic bags, Ines Seidel

wall hangings

25 plastic bags, remembering. Ines Seidel

25 plastic bags

feather. drawing on cloth. Ines Seidel.


shopping patterns.woven receipts. Ines Seidel

shopping patterns


shape of listening


view into exhibition

poems about the secrets of correspondence. Ines Seidel

secrets of correspondence

communication pattern with windows for reflection. Ines Seidel

communication pattern

Installation "Soundsystem". Ines Seidel


photography. Ines Seidel


suggestions for the future of language. photography.  Ines Seidel


notice boards: election of new idioms. Ines Seidel

notice boards

Noch mehr Fotos zur Ausstellung gibt es hier im flickr-Album.

ice cold stories

meeting of two cold stories - Ines Seidel

Your frosty smile –
maybe the tip of an iceberg that is melting.
it can only be cool, the invitation
to follow the trace of your mammoth.

stories of the mammoth - Ines Seidel
After I have been conserving stories in wax I naturally moved to ice. Frozen water immediately starts melting at room temperature – that fits very well to the stories that are also constantly changing their state. Keeping memories frozen must cost a lot of energy!
book in ice - Ines Seidel
You can find more pictures of ice cold stories in this flickr-set.
ice cold story by Ines Seidel