verses, unsung

verses, unsung. concrete, wax, dried blossoms, teabags and other material. Ines Seidel

unsung verses

of the promised touch

a scent not yet recognized and

the words I am still searching for.

verses, unsung. Ines Seidel
verses, unsung. ca. 28 x 13 x 3 cm in a row.
concrete with paint and a transferred photograph of my hand
found dry blossoms in candle wax,
teabags with handwriting, wax and yarn.
Additional pictures at flickr here and here.
Verse, ungesungen. (Ausschnitt) Ines Seidel

walls from words

walls from words and stories. Ines Seidel wire houses, with or without a concrete base. Wrapped in spontaneous text written on tea bags, sealed with wax.

(house 1, in the picture above the second house from right, translated from German).

walls from words and windows from soft words and doors from stories and walls from words and windows from soft words and roofs from half sentences and stairs from laughter only the light is simply here. And you are here. I am here.

In between walls from words, windows from soft words, doors from stories and unspoken cellar rooms and you are here with me. We talk walls to each other.

In between light falls through walls from words and roofs from half sentences and stairs from laughter, windows from soft, thin words, doors from stories. You hear here. Here.

And roofs from half sentences and walls from words and everything can fall apart if we don’t catch a new word, but light is simply here. And you are here and I am here and doors from stories, if you believe them. Stairs from laughter, cellar rooms from unspoken words. If you believe them. If you believe words, you are here with me.

walls from words and stories.. Ines Seidel

(house 4, the smallest one, with English words)

Living inside stories, written on the walls oft he world that has your name on it. Telling you where your limits are. Spelling your name.

Living inside stories. Telling you: You are here. The limits of your name echo from the walls. The story about limits.

Living inside stories written on the walls of your name. If you believe in limits. If you believe in stories, how much room does your name need. If you believe.

Living inside stories, as if they were your skin.

walls from words and stories.. Ines Seidel

half stories

one half of the story. bowl made from concrete and book pages. Ines Seidel

to see the inside
of your story
or the other one,
you have to open them.

two half stories. concrete and book pages. Ines Seidel
I have covered two paper bowls (with text from a found book in Spanish) with concrete. One of them has a bronze varnish on the outside.

They remind me of fruit. Stone fruit, with a hard skin. But when you cut the fruit open, you find no stone inside.


three woven stories by Ines SeidelConverting stories and joining them to form new patterns has something conciliatory and healthful to it. The new stories that are created through weaving with wool acquire a warm and soft quality. They are not told for differentiation but make bonds.
woven story with feathers by Ines SeidelThe story with feathers talks about longing: longing to be free as a bird, being able to fly and leave the limits of a familiar horizon. I used strips from songs and from a book about the history of spaceflight in combination with the feathers and wool.
The woven story with twigs is all about growing and greening. Maybe it is just a story about spring. woven story with twigs by Ines SeidelIf you want to see more woven pieces, check out this woven selfie at flickr and a pattern from weaving plastic bags.

growing on

the story goes on - Ines Seidel

once the promises are covered with moss
soon grass grows all over this story,
later there will be dandelion, clover,
a flock of sheep and
who knows what else will grow
where words were planted

pattern (detail) - Ines Seidel
The book out of which a story grows and greens will be part of a new installation that I am working on. The hand sewn net with paper circles will get longer still and it will climb up the wall.

*the poem in the German original is slightly different in meaning

ice cold stories

meeting of two cold stories - Ines Seidel

Your frosty smile –
maybe the tip of an iceberg that is melting.
it can only be cool, the invitation
to follow the trace of your mammoth.

stories of the mammoth - Ines Seidel
After I have been conserving stories in wax I naturally moved to ice. Frozen water immediately starts melting at room temperature – that fits very well to the stories that are also constantly changing their state. Keeping memories frozen must cost a lot of energy!
book in ice - Ines Seidel
You can find more pictures of ice cold stories in this flickr-set.
ice cold story by Ines Seidel

Out of the constitution

out of the constitution by Ines SeidelI have changed the constitution of the GDR. I cut out all the dead and abstract words. Only few words still had life inside, sometimes just one or two words per page would still speak. I gave them hold with a red thread.
out of the constitution by Ines Seidel
Now the text is in an almost transparent constitution, even the bondage of the thoughts within is exposed. The roots of the new text continue to be visible on the backside of the remaining words.
out of the constitution by Ines Seidel

Here is the poem of the amended constitution. Every line represents a page.
(rough translation).

/CHAPTER 1, Political Foundation/

in town and country clasped in the lower part
the freedom of another people
The natural resources, the mines, power stations, dams and large waters, the natural wealth of the continental shelf are fundamental
air of home
values as a matter of physical culture

/SECTION II, Citizens and Communities in the Society/

every [she] every [he]
man and woman
present invulnerability
the church of their mother tongue

/CHAPTER 3, The Unions and their Rights/

They take part in the revolution

/CHAPTERL 4, The Production Cooperatives and their Rights/


/CHAPTER 1, The People’s Chamber/

actualizes evolution
for the duration of worry
fact of presence
on the 60th day on the 45th day on the 15th day

/CHAPTER 2, The State Council/

after the reelection
writes questions

/CHAPTER 3,The Council of Ministers/

It issues names
for collective cognition

/SECTION IV, Legality and Administration of Justice/

Life directly
independent – bound
being listened to
the decision to turn
The constitution changed
in power.

out of the constitution by Ines Seidel

Before I altered the complete constitution I had ripped out some pages and changed them separately. You can see them here and here. The words that I had cut out became the base of my suggestions for an organically shaped constitution, like the one below. suggestion for constitutional change by Ines Seidel