Ines Seidel in Amsterdam

A few of my works are currently travelling to Amsterdam to join the group exhibition PAPIER 19. 13 artists who work with paper in different ways exhibit selected works from March 19th to 24th. I am showing some of my little teabag houses, news textures and altered books.

As part of the exhibition programme I am teaching a paper workshop on 22nd and 23rd of March . For two days, participants can alter books with me, take their stories apart and retell them in a threedimensional way – Lunch included.

Both events are organized by Atelier Open, where you also find additional information:
About the workshop:
About the exhibition:

News Fabric

from: News Fabric, Ines Seidel. 22.11. 2018 - 11.1. 2019

From Nov 22nd 2018 to January 11th my exhibition News Fabric can be seen in Munich. I am showing photography, objects and textures made with and from newspaper, wire and thread. The exhibition in the rooms of the SPD-Bürgerbüros, Belgradstraße 15a is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. and on Fridays from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.
News Fabric - exhibition view

News Fabric, Ines Seidel exhibition in Munich

exhibition view


ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

News in the shape of news paper. I can consume it or try and keep it out. Which other ways of wearing, bearing or carrying the news are there? Allun Turner took pictures of me with a news texture I made.

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

ways of wearing the news

photo series with news texture 2017
Allun Turner.

news texture. detail.

news texture. detail.

Altering News

Poster_Altering News. Ines Seidel
Altering News has been my biggest solo show so far. On four floors more than 70 pieces that I worked on in the past two years were on view, many of them for the first time. Here are some impressions:
Altering News. exhibition view.

News shape. Ines Seidel

News shape. Ines Seidel

Ines Seidel with news textures.

Ines Seidel with news textures.

Altering News, exhibition view.

Altering News, exhibition view.

I wish it was true. altered newspaper. Ines Seidel.

I wish it was true. altered newspaper. Ines Seidel.

Softening. altered newspapers. Ines Seidel

Softening. altered newspapers. Ines Seidel

Altering News. tour on the 3rd floor.

Transmuting News in the exhibition. Ines Seidel.

transmuting news in the exhibition. Ines Seidel.

Workshop area of the exhibition

Workshop area of the exhibition

Altering News questions how we build a physical and emotional contact with newspaper, as material, as medium, as news. In the attic of the water tower, visitors were invited to explore the topic with their own hands.

transmuting news, prototype 28. Ines Seidel.

transmuting news, prototype 28. Ines Seidel.

Looking back on the exhibition, I am thankful for the chance to create a specific and spacious atmosphere in the extensive premises of the water tower and encouraged by the interest and resonance from visitors. It has also been valuable for me to be in contact with the city of Dachau, a city whose very name elicits physical and emotional reactions.

  • read press articles about the exhibition in Süddeutschen Zeitung and
    Dachauer Nachrichten (in German)
  • see more videos in the Youtube playlist Altering News
  • see more photos in the Flickr Album Altering News
  • Papier. Los!

    Papier. Los!
    Here are some impressions from my recent exhibition “Papier. Los!” (Paper. Go!) at the Old Jailhouse in Freising. From Jan 27 to Feb 4 the space was filled with works from paper. I was there with my artist friend Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp, who presented new drawings and prints and many threedimensional pieces. I showed works with altered books, especially Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, new pieces from newspaper and also the recent occupation with cracks in the road that I conserved on paper.

    Papier. Los! - exhibition view

    Papier. Los! – exhibition view

    Detail. breathing the story.

    detail. breathing the story.

    Nachrichtentexturen. Ines Seidel.

    news textures. Ines Seidel.

    Zwei Nachrichtenformen. Ines Seidel.

    two news shapes. Ines Seidel.

    Rot. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

    Red. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

    Blick in Ausstellung. Arbeiten aus Büchern. Ines Seidel

    exhibition view. altered books. Ines Seidel

    Form eines Mysteriums. Ines Seidel.

    shape of a mystery. Ines Seidel.

    Blick in Ausstellung. Risse sammeln. Ines Seidel

    exhibition view. collecting cracks. Ines Seidel

    Geschichte mit Rissen. Ines Seidel

    story with cracks. Ines Seidel

    Blick in Ausstellung.

    exhibition view.

    current news

    Aufmerksamkeitsfänger. Gewebe aus Überschriften. Ines Seidel

    attention catcher. texture from headlines. Ines Seidel

    The transformation of news – with newspapers as the main material – is still my main theme. There will be a solo exhibition on this next May at the water tower in Dachau.
    Showdown. Gewebe aus Daily Telegraph, zusammengelegt. Ines Seidel

    Showdown. texture from Daily Telegraph Sept 18, 2017, folded together. Ines Seidel

    Zukunft des Lesens. veränderte Zeitung, roter Faden. Ines Seidel

    Future of Reading. altered newspaper with red thread. Ines Seidel

    Don't treat us with contempt. veränderte Zeitung (Daily Mail 8. Sept 2017). Ines Seidel

    Don’t treat us with contempt. altered newspaper (Daily Mail 8. Sept 2017). Ines Seidel

    Still processing. veränderte Zeitungen, Installation. Ines Seidel.

    Still processing. altered newspapers, Installation. Ines Seidel.

    news shape at “2 x 2 m”

    news shape at Dachau Palace. Ines Seidel

    news shape at Dachau Palace. Ines Seidel

    The annual palace exhibition of the association of artists in Dachau has just been opened. I had been invited as one of 21 artists to show one piece that relating to the theme “2 x 2 m”.
    To comply with the rules, I filled a 2 x 2 m space with newspaper bowls. 251 of them were needed. As I wanted to connect these news containters into one form, I stitched them together and created a news shape. Its dimensions are roughly 1,5 x 1 x 0,5 m.

    The news shape, paintings, installation and video art can be seen at Palace Dachau until Sept 3 2017. Many thanks to Künstlervereinigung Dachau for an exciting exhibition in a special location.

    workshop paper and wire in Munich

    beispielarbeiten_3bilder_1000xIf you feel inspired to create with paper and wire the next workshop at MachWerk München (Schulstraße 1, Neuhausen) is for you! On Saturday, 24th of November 2018, we will combine paper and wire to create delicate structures, small objects or christmas decoration. Apart from paper and wire we will also use wallpaper paste and – depending on what you like – yarn, beads, found objects etc.. My main aim for the day will be to give your creativity space and support you in realizing your own wire and paper projects.

    The workshop starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 4.30. p.m. There will be a lunch and coffee break.

    I will bring along wire, paper, wallpaper paste and tools. All you need to bring is an interest in experimenting. And – if you want – also

  • paper you like to work with: e.g. tissue paper, wrapping paper, book pages. For working with wallpaper paste the paper should be absorbent
  • your own wire working tools (pliers), if you have one
  • wire of your choice. Simple binding wire (ca. 0,6 mm thick, iron) is available in the workshop. If you like to work with coloured or thin wire you get those at craft shops.
  • wallpaper paste takes some time to dry. all purpose adhesives are a faster alternative.
  • additional materials of your choice: beads, buttons, yarns, natural materials ,…
  • pen and paper for making sketches
  • a container to transport your creations home

  • cost per person: 75 EUR

    number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 8.

    Please email to register. I will send you payment details and further information. Registration is valid after payment has been made.

    Shape of News

    shape of news. sculpture from newspaper, wallpaper glue and yarn. Ines Seidel

    shape of news. sculpture from newspaper, wallpaper glue and yarn. 150 x 100 x 50 cm.

    The Künstlervereinigung Dachau invited me to participate in this years exhibition at the Palace Dachau. The topic: 2 x 2 m – the large format. To comply with the size I made lots and lots of bowls from newspapers such as Financial Times or Frankfurter Allgemeine. 251 of news containers were needed to cover a 2 x 2 m space. I stitched them together to make one form. It will be exhibited together with pieces from 20 other artists at the Dachau Palace from August 6 to September 3.
    251 newspaper bowls covering 2 x 2 m.

    251 newspaper bowls covering 2 x 2 m.

    self with shape of news. Ines Seidel

    self with shape of news.