workshop paper and wire in Munich

beispielarbeiten_3bilder_1000xIf you feel inspired to create with paper and wire the next workshop at MachWerk München (Schulstraße 1, Neuhausen) is for you! On Saturday, 24th of November 2018, we will combine paper and wire to create delicate structures, small objects or christmas decoration. Apart from paper and wire we will also use wallpaper paste and – depending on what you like – yarn, beads, found objects etc.. My main aim for the day will be to give your creativity space and support you in realizing your own wire and paper projects.

The workshop starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 4.30. p.m. There will be a lunch and coffee break.

I will bring along wire, paper, wallpaper paste and tools. All you need to bring is an interest in experimenting. And – if you want – also

  • paper you like to work with: e.g. tissue paper, wrapping paper, book pages. For working with wallpaper paste the paper should be absorbent
  • your own wire working tools (pliers), if you have one
  • wire of your choice. Simple binding wire (ca. 0,6 mm thick, iron) is available in the workshop. If you like to work with coloured or thin wire you get those at craft shops.
  • wallpaper paste takes some time to dry. all purpose adhesives are a faster alternative.
  • additional materials of your choice: beads, buttons, yarns, natural materials ,…
  • pen and paper for making sketches
  • a container to transport your creations home
  • cost per person: 75 EUR

    number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 8.

    Please email to register. I will send you payment details and further information. Registration is valid after payment has been made.

    ways to wear the news

    ways to wear the news. Ines Seidel. Photo: Emmy Ann Horstkamp
    Last week I have been walking my newspaper dress through Munich. Originally I made it for the installation “The Talk” earlier this year. Walking along the river Isar and across Marienplatz, I became a piece of news myself. I lingered around some places for a while, reading a daily newspaper and ripping out headlines to mark the spot where I had been. Emmy Ann Horstkamp, founder of followed me with her camera. She will publish a video of the intervention after the summer. More of her pictures can be seen here.
    ways to wear the news. Ines Seidel. Photo: Emmy Ann Horstkamp.
    ways to wear the news. Ines Seidel. Photo: Emmy Ann Horstkamp
    ways to wear the news. Botschaften aus Schlagzeilen. Ines Seidel. Photo: Emmy Ann Horstkamp
    ways to wear the news. Ines Seidel. Photo: Emmy Ann Horstkamp

    between solid and fleeting

    between solid and fleeting. II (detail). drawing on photo print. Ines Seidel

    between solid and fleeting. II (detail). drawing on photo print

    Last preparations for the coming exhibition between solid and fleeting. Together with the painter Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow I will show recent works at Kulturpavillon am Romanplatz, Munich. I am curious to see what will emerge in the dialogue between my photography and objects and Brigitte’s paintings. I am also looking forward to alter the space of the former library. The opening takes place on June, 18 at 6.30 pm. The exhibition is open on 19th and 20th of June from 1 to 6 p.m. and on 21st from 11 a.m to 5 p.m.
    zwischen fest und flüchtig - Ausstellung Ines Seidel und Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

    preparations: GDR books go selfemployed

    preparations for my coming exhibitionThe preparations for my next exhibition are reaching the final ascent. Save the date: The vernissage will be on March 12, 2014. I will show my latest altered books Combinat 56, the creative coworking space in Munich.
    story during metamorphosis I and II - Ines SeidelGDR books go self-employed. That is the title of my solo show which will feature paper works made from books printed in the GDR. Some of the books have been part of my childhood, others have been literally saved from being thrown into the trash can. 25 Jahre after the fall of the Berlin wall these books are leaving their passiveness and reinvent themselves. The break open and leave, they stop the torrent of words and embody their message with gestures and patterns. They reconciliate with their past and make suggestions for the future. These books have a lot in common with me and the citizens of the former GDR. But the experience of becoming independent connects them to all those who find themselves at a turning point in their development.