woven story pattern with text from "The Emperor's new clothes"); detail - Ines SeidelUntil end of April my exhibition about GDR books going independent can still be seen in Munich. But I am already preparing my first show in Saxony. At the bottom of Mylau Castle, in the renovated house of the castle gardener I will show paper objects, wall hangings and collages that are related to fairy tales.
Under the topic “transfiguration” I combine pieces that have been shown last year in my fairy tale exhibition in Zeulenroda with new work. One of the new pieces is the woven story with text from “The Emperor’s new clothes”. As in the tale by Hans Christian Andersen, my pattern has the magic quality to be invisible to those who are not good. So everyone plagued by self doubt but otherwise not visually impaired should come to Mylau.
The vernissage is on Sunday, 11th of May at 2.30 p.m. and everyone is welcome!
woven stories by Ines Seidel

The Essence of Wondering

Essence of Wondering - ExhibitionThe poster is going into print within the next days, the event calendar of the museum in Zeulenroda is already listing it – my very first exhibition!

I am just making a list of all the pieces that I want to show in the exhibition… Since spring I have been tinkering with fairy tales and with the question, if it is possible to tell the essence of a story in a picture. In the end, I made a lot of pictures and objects. Too many for the Atrium.
Now I have difficult choices to make. Which pieces are really good? A typical question in fairy tales! This question will definitely be on the show, that is already decided.
in the middle of my works

somewhat savage

somewhat savage - Ines Seidel
Lately I have been working a lot with a Reclam paperback from 1984: Hans Christian Andersen. Fairy Tales and Stories. The pages are thin and yellowed and they hold beautiful words. For instance “the flowers were dancing on the stems” or “the dresses turned into feathers”. Perfect for creating something new!
But an Andersen tale in one piece is not inspiring to me at all. So circuitous and verbose. So morally instructive. And look at the heroines who remain in memory basically as nice and sweet-natured. Despite the disappointment that Andersen has in store for them: The little mermaid, the little match girl or Gerda, who goes all the way to the Snow Queen.

At any rate, this book has reached a new phase in its life. Maybe i hit puberty. It became a little savage, defiant. It is also feeling insecure, as yet. And it still loves to play as I found out when doing the pictures.

Additional pictures from the fairy tale book gone wild can be seen here und here.

New word hangings

word hanging "Loops" - Ines SeidelAt a hobby shop I discovered 25×25 cm pieces of wire mesh. They seemed perfect for stabilizing words on the loose! My first experiment was with text loops circling around the wire. It created an atmospheric 3D structure.
For my second experiment I wanted to sew the text to the wire. I cut Scandinavian troll tales into stripes, marked some with Indian ink and waxed them partially before stitching. The structure got more dense and ready to absorb some characters.
word hanging troll tales - Ines Seidel

More pictures (click to enlarge)

word hanging troll tales - detail

detail with faces

word hanging troll tales from the back

from the back

working on the word hanging troll tales

work in progress

word hanging Loops - detail


two word hangings

two word hangings

My first word hangings are heroic legends, crocheted with wool. Have a look!