half stories

one half of the story. bowl made from concrete and book pages. Ines Seidel

to see the inside
of your story
or the other one,
you have to open them.

two half stories. concrete and book pages. Ines Seidel
I have covered two paper bowls (with text from a found book in Spanish) with concrete. One of them has a bronze varnish on the outside.

They remind me of fruit. Stone fruit, with a hard skin. But when you cut the fruit open, you find no stone inside.

Mended Bowls

blue paper bowl, mendedCreative destruction: Some time ago I made two paper bowls with a bit of blue paper. They turned out rather nice, but something was missing. They had nothing interesting to tell. So I finally destroyed them: I ripped the blue one into three pieces. And from the grey bowl I cut out some drop shaped forms. Well, then I took needle and yarn and mended the broken bowls again.
paper bowl, mended