workshop paper and wire in Munich

beispielarbeiten_3bilder_1000xIf you feel inspired to create with paper and wire the next workshop at MachWerk München (Schulstraße 1, Neuhausen) is for you! On Saturday, 24th of November 2018, we will combine paper and wire to create delicate structures, small objects or christmas decoration. Apart from paper and wire we will also use wallpaper paste and – depending on what you like – yarn, beads, found objects etc.. My main aim for the day will be to give your creativity space and support you in realizing your own wire and paper projects.

The workshop starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 4.30. p.m. There will be a lunch and coffee break.

I will bring along wire, paper, wallpaper paste and tools. All you need to bring is an interest in experimenting. And – if you want – also

  • paper you like to work with: e.g. tissue paper, wrapping paper, book pages. For working with wallpaper paste the paper should be absorbent
  • your own wire working tools (pliers), if you have one
  • wire of your choice. Simple binding wire (ca. 0,6 mm thick, iron) is available in the workshop. If you like to work with coloured or thin wire you get those at craft shops.
  • wallpaper paste takes some time to dry. all purpose adhesives are a faster alternative.
  • additional materials of your choice: beads, buttons, yarns, natural materials ,…
  • pen and paper for making sketches
  • a container to transport your creations home
  • cost per person: 75 EUR

    number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 8.

    Please email to register. I will send you payment details and further information. Registration is valid after payment has been made.

    a place where every story is being listened to

    a place where every story is being listened to. Ines Seidel

    A place where every story is being listened to. A place where every sentence, every chapter and every break in your story and mine is received with attention.

    a place where every story is being listened to. detail. Ines Seidel.

    Installation with shapes made from book pages and ear shapes made from concrete and polymer clay. Work in progress.

    a place where every story is being listened to. Ines Seidel

     a place where every story is being listened to. Ines Seidel.

    Paper & Explorations in Australia

    Newcastle, NSW
    For almost two weeks have I been in Australia, far too little time to get to know the country. Yet, the people, places and landscapes I met made me fall in love with this part of Earth. Here are some impressions that I collected in Newcastle and Ballarat.

    Newcastle is a coastal city in New South Wales that welcomed me with nice weather, beautiful beaches and fine little shops. My wonderful host Anne Kempton runs the Timeless Textiles Gallery in a part of Newcastle’s former lock-up. This was also the venue for my three-day-workshop Crocheted Stories. Anne inspired me with her dedication to fostering contemporary fibre arts, her commitment to community work and – last but not least – her delicious veggie food.

    Newcastle Art Gallery

    With “Black White & Restive the Newcastle Art Gallery had an excellent exhibition of contemporary Australian art.

    plant and beach patterns found in Newcastle, NSW

    plant and beach patterns found in Newcastle.

    The former lock-up is today the exhibition space Lock-Up and home of the Timeless Textiles Gallery

    The former lock-up is today the exhibition space Lock-Up and home of the Timeless Textiles Gallery.

    impressions from the  Crocheted Stories workshop in Newcastle

    impressions from the Crocheted Stories workshop in Newcastle.

    My next destination was Ballarat, Victoria, some 1,5 hrs out of Melbourne. The energetic Glenys Mann had invited me to teach a workshop during the Fibre Arts Australia Winter School that she organizes on a regular basis. For five days I had my students explore ways to take paper apart and put it together again. We even had time to alter some books! The whole week was a lot of fun, with a tribe of fibre arts women from 8 different workshops bustling about, with entertaining events to top off the day, and with yummy traditional Australian desserts on every single evening.
    Despite the intense work on paper projects, there was time left to get to know a bit of Ballarat. Lake Wendouree with its sanctuary for birds was just around the corner. And one of my workshop participants made sure I got to see some kangaroos and koalas at the local Wildlife Park.
    I left Australia feeling blessed with new inspirations and friendships.

    Fibre Arts Australia in Ballarat.

    Welcome to Fibre Arts Australia in Ballarat! During the winter school around 100 participants from 8 workshops peopled the campus.

    exhibition from my workshop "Paper, Yarn & Explorations"

    exhibition from my workshop “Paper, Yarn & Explorations”

    Impression from my workshop "Paper, Yarn & Explorations"

    impressions from my workshop “Paper, Yarn & Explorations” in Ballarat

    Ballarat Wildlife Park Ballarat.

    Ballarat Wildlife Park.

    gifts from Australia

    gifts from Australia.

    New word hangings

    word hanging "Loops" - Ines SeidelAt a hobby shop I discovered 25×25 cm pieces of wire mesh. They seemed perfect for stabilizing words on the loose! My first experiment was with text loops circling around the wire. It created an atmospheric 3D structure.
    For my second experiment I wanted to sew the text to the wire. I cut Scandinavian troll tales into stripes, marked some with Indian ink and waxed them partially before stitching. The structure got more dense and ready to absorb some characters.
    word hanging troll tales - Ines Seidel

    More pictures (click to enlarge)

    word hanging troll tales - detail

    detail with faces

    word hanging troll tales from the back

    from the back

    working on the word hanging troll tales

    work in progress

    word hanging Loops - detail


    two word hangings

    two word hangings

    My first word hangings are heroic legends, crocheted with wool. Have a look!

    Mended Bowls

    blue paper bowl, mendedCreative destruction: Some time ago I made two paper bowls with a bit of blue paper. They turned out rather nice, but something was missing. They had nothing interesting to tell. So I finally destroyed them: I ripped the blue one into three pieces. And from the grey bowl I cut out some drop shaped forms. Well, then I took needle and yarn and mended the broken bowls again.
    paper bowl, mended