Papier. Los!

Papier. Los!
Here are some impressions from my recent exhibition “Papier. Los!” (Paper. Go!) at the Old Jailhouse in Freising. From Jan 27 to Feb 4 the space was filled with works from paper. I was there with my artist friend Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp, who presented new drawings and prints and many threedimensional pieces. I showed works with altered books, especially Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, new pieces from newspaper and also the recent occupation with cracks in the road that I conserved on paper.

Papier. Los! - exhibition view

Papier. Los! – exhibition view

Detail. breathing the story.

detail. breathing the story.

Nachrichtentexturen. Ines Seidel.

news textures. Ines Seidel.

Zwei Nachrichtenformen. Ines Seidel.

two news shapes. Ines Seidel.

Rot. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

Red. Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp.

Blick in Ausstellung. Arbeiten aus Büchern. Ines Seidel

exhibition view. altered books. Ines Seidel

Form eines Mysteriums. Ines Seidel.

shape of a mystery. Ines Seidel.

Blick in Ausstellung. Risse sammeln. Ines Seidel

exhibition view. collecting cracks. Ines Seidel

Geschichte mit Rissen. Ines Seidel

story with cracks. Ines Seidel

Blick in Ausstellung.

exhibition view.