Ines Seidel in Amsterdam

A few of my works are currently travelling to Amsterdam to join the group exhibition PAPIER 19. 13 artists who work with paper in different ways exhibit selected works from March 19th to 24th. I am showing some of my little teabag houses, news textures and altered books.

As part of the exhibition programme I am teaching a paper workshop on 22nd and 23rd of March . For two days, participants can alter books with me, take their stories apart and retell them in a threedimensional way – Lunch included.

Both events are organized by Atelier Open, where you also find additional information:
About the workshop:
About the exhibition:

news shape at “2 x 2 m”

news shape at Dachau Palace. Ines Seidel

news shape at Dachau Palace. Ines Seidel

The annual palace exhibition of the association of artists in Dachau has just been opened. I had been invited as one of 21 artists to show one piece that relating to the theme “2 x 2 m”.
To comply with the rules, I filled a 2 x 2 m space with newspaper bowls. 251 of them were needed. As I wanted to connect these news containters into one form, I stitched them together and created a news shape. Its dimensions are roughly 1,5 x 1 x 0,5 m.

The news shape, paintings, installation and video art can be seen at Palace Dachau until Sept 3 2017. Many thanks to Künstlervereinigung Dachau for an exciting exhibition in a special location.

portrait at ARTvergnuegen

ARTvergnuegen is a young website where art lovers can discover fresh art and portraits of artists. Since November you can meet me there, too. I met Steve McGuire, who founded the website, at several art fairs and finally invited him to my studio where he interviewed me. See pictures and read the interview directly at href=”″ target=”_blank”> (Although Steve is an Englishman, the site currently only operates in German.)

Bildschirmfoto artvergnuegen

transfiguration, coming Sunday

Gärtnerhaus, MylauOn Sunday the 11th of May my exhibition “transfiguration” will be opened. have installed my fairy tale objects just yesterday at the enchanted gardener’s house in Mylau, Vogtland.

The cottage from 1826 was home of the groundkeeper and gardener of the Mylau castle. Ten years ago the Fischers bought the rundown building and renovated it with passion and a taste for art. They turned the house into a cosy place for cultural events and private parties.
entrance from gardenI am happy to show my paper objects in these rooms that are so full of history and character. My collages and installations have been made with fairy tale books, twigs, wool and packaging cardboard. They deal with the question how the Fabulous and the Magical can be conserved and transformed if there were no more fairy tale books. You can wonder about this every coming Sunday afternoon, when the Fischers open the door of the gardener’s house and serve coffee and cake with art.
invitation: transfiguration

preparations: GDR books go selfemployed

preparations for my coming exhibitionThe preparations for my next exhibition are reaching the final ascent. Save the date: The vernissage will be on March 12, 2014. I will show my latest altered books Combinat 56, the creative coworking space in Munich.
story during metamorphosis I and II - Ines SeidelGDR books go self-employed. That is the title of my solo show which will feature paper works made from books printed in the GDR. Some of the books have been part of my childhood, others have been literally saved from being thrown into the trash can. 25 Jahre after the fall of the Berlin wall these books are leaving their passiveness and reinvent themselves. The break open and leave, they stop the torrent of words and embody their message with gestures and patterns. They reconciliate with their past and make suggestions for the future. These books have a lot in common with me and the citizens of the former GDR. But the experience of becoming independent connects them to all those who find themselves at a turning point in their development.