YOU ARE HERE. Ines Seidel

In every word I recognize you
in the words that I know I am with you
in the words that I don’t know or that have not been invented yet, we wait for each other.

YOU ARE HERE. altered dictionary. Ines Seidel

In my old English dictionary there are many words between hyphen – Bindestrich and immortal – unsterblich: hypnotize, hypocrite, hypothesis, I, idealism, idiot, ignorant, immaterial, immense. To spell just a few. You are everywhere. And me too, how else would I know these words. Sometimes it is very obvious, sometimes not at all. I have used more than 100 pins to localize us. Of course, more than 100 is not enough. Of course, one dictionary cannot be enough.

YOU ARE HERE. Ines Seidel

pocket dictionary English – German, pins with polymer clay. 22 x 15 x 4 cm. If you are interested in a poster, let me know. Find more pictures hereand here.

YOU ARE HERE. Ines Seidel

no language

I have no language for my reality. book with concrete. Ines Seidel“This is it: I have no language for reality. … how could one prove who one is in reality? I can’t. Do I even know myself who I am? This is the frightening experience of this period of remand: I have no language for my reality.” A passage from Max Frisch’s novel “I am not Stiller” (in my own translation). I have replaced the preceding pages with a concrete block.
preparations: wire constructionconcrete formI have no language for my reality. detail. Ines Seidel

I have no language for my reality. book with concrete. Ines Seidel

Language is like cement, a story can be like concrete. Maybe that is so, because such a shape of story touches us deeply. It transmits an experience across the limits of the pronounceable.

shopping patterns

shopping patterns - woven receipts by Ines SeidelShopping receipts can be condensed to reveal the personality type of the consumer. This sentence could be from a marketing text book. With my little loom I did as market researchers do. I worked through a bunch of my own receipts, condensed and connected them and indeed, the patterns that emerged say a lot about me. Within the limits of this technique, of course.
shoppingYou can see more of my shopping patterns over at behance .


moss on tracing paper (work in progress) - Ines Seidel

Tomtits are building a nest below the roof of our house. They lost quite an amount of moss right in front of our door. It just fell out of their little beaks. Nothing special happened. Or did it? What if the moss was meant as a greeting: Hello neighbours, we are just moving in!

What if the moss is a discreet piece of advice: As experts we advise you to make the entrance of your nest a little softer.

What if the moss is part of a curious investitagion: We tomtits use this to build nests and what are you going to do with this?

So I find myself in the middle of a moss story: I am drawing moss, gluing it on paper, I am stitching moss patterns and make moss from wool.

story with moss by Ines Seidel
If I place the drawings on tracing paper on top of each other, I get a nice mesh of moss layers. Or a book.

book of moss - Work in Progress - Ines Seidel