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Aufmerksamkeitsfänger. Gewebe aus Überschriften. Ines Seidel

attention catcher. texture from headlines. Ines Seidel

The transformation of news – with newspapers as the main material – is still my main theme. There will be a solo exhibition on this next May at the water tower in Dachau.
Showdown. Gewebe aus Daily Telegraph, zusammengelegt. Ines Seidel

Showdown. texture from Daily Telegraph Sept 18, 2017, folded together. Ines Seidel

Zukunft des Lesens. veränderte Zeitung, roter Faden. Ines Seidel

Future of Reading. altered newspaper with red thread. Ines Seidel

Don't treat us with contempt. veränderte Zeitung (Daily Mail 8. Sept 2017). Ines Seidel

Don’t treat us with contempt. altered newspaper (Daily Mail 8. Sept 2017). Ines Seidel

Still processing. veränderte Zeitungen, Installation. Ines Seidel.

Still processing. altered newspapers, Installation. Ines Seidel.