stories in a state of rest

wall hangings: story in state of rest (work in progress) - Ines SeidelWhen I am working with books and their stories I always have transformation on my mind, a form of movement, a progressing of evolution. And yet, the moment you look at one of the altered stories, you will find at rest. Even a random text, printed or hand written, emanates a calming pattern, as long as you refrain from reading the words.
story in state of rest, components - Ines Seidel
I want the hanging “Story in state of rest” to extend further across the wall and into the room. Which means that I need to extend the rest that it takes to assemble the pieces. Interestingly, the components of the resting story look like letters of an unknown language, placed somewhere between runes and modern print. Schriftdruck. A writing on the wall that cannot be understood by reading.
story at rest (before and after) - Ines Seidel