the wondering

Das Wundern kommt dir entgegen. text on concrete, Ines Seidel.

Das Wundern kommt dir entgegen. (Wondering is coming towards you.) text on concrete. wire, polymer clay. 15 cm diameter.

the text translates

the wondering
is already coming to
wards you. Have you come
to wonder? towards won-
dering. oh. uh. oh. going towards
all wonders at this
time of day. here, wondering comes t-
owards you. oh! uh! oh!
you! Are you moving towards
wondering? oh! you! here!
the wondering is al-
ways coming towards you here
right now. Are you coming
towards wondering?
oh! you! here is the spa-
ce where you both meet:
you + wondering.

The astonished book

The astonished book - detail
The book
Got older
And into the cellar
Nine years of hope
Motionless, in yellow
End abruptly with a yearning
for simplification:
To rip out pages
Separately, in sections
Wordwise, folding the cocoon
Nine months or hours
Later, with the first sun ray
Opens slowly
The binding und releases
A tender and still unguarded
Little letter
The astonished book - Ines Seidel
The poem from March 2013 led to the astonished book which had a different name before its transformation.