transfiguration, coming Sunday

Gärtnerhaus, MylauOn Sunday the 11th of May my exhibition “transfiguration” will be opened. have installed my fairy tale objects just yesterday at the enchanted gardener’s house in Mylau, Vogtland.

The cottage from 1826 was home of the groundkeeper and gardener of the Mylau castle. Ten years ago the Fischers bought the rundown building and renovated it with passion and a taste for art. They turned the house into a cosy place for cultural events and private parties.
entrance from gardenI am happy to show my paper objects in these rooms that are so full of history and character. My collages and installations have been made with fairy tale books, twigs, wool and packaging cardboard. They deal with the question how the Fabulous and the Magical can be conserved and transformed if there were no more fairy tale books. You can wonder about this every coming Sunday afternoon, when the Fischers open the door of the gardener’s house and serve coffee and cake with art.
invitation: transfiguration