Departure of Books

signs of departure by Ines Seidel I’ve started to alter books again. I want to show the book as a temporary state of halt, before the next movement sets in.

The starting point for “signs of departure” have been a few cracked eggs which I altered with Indian ink and scraps of text. The moment of breaking the egg, the departure itself, is already over, but it can still be deduced from the shells that are left here.

signs of departure on egg shells by Ines Seidel

The second altered book is ready for departure. It has packed its valuables into a bundle. The most important thing for the new adventure has been placed at the top, where it is easy to access. And that “und” – German for “and”.
packed and ready to leave by Ines Seidel

Memories of an earlier departure influence the third book that is undergoing transformation. I transferred a photograph of a stack of wood – complete with marks for further processing – to the left side. The pattern of stacked circles and marks repeats on the pages on the right side. What the next processing phase will bring is yet unknown.
pattern of preparation by Ines Seidel