Workshop Experimental Paper Jewelry

February 23rd/24th 2019 – MachWerk, Munich

Eye catching, exquisite, delicate and playful – paper jewellery can be all of it! For two days we dive into the versatility of paper, try out different methods and combinations and create unique treasures for special occasions!

paper jewelry - Ines Seidel

Cutting, folding, weaving, shaping, crocheting – various techniques and diverse types of paper lead to fascinating three dimensional structures. In combination with wire, found objects, yarn and other material completely new shapes emerge. In the beginning, we just let our creative juices flow, without working towards a precise goal; the possibilities of paper and our spontaneous ideas are the only guides. As our paper creations grow we find out how they want to be worn. With simple supplies we turn them into rings, brooches, necklaces… They can be opulent or minimalist, good for everyday use or a carnival accessory – everything is possible!
Apart from exploring paper as jewelry these two days are also great for giving your creativity space and fresh impulses!
paper jewelry - Ines Seidel

On Saturday and Sunday the workshop starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 4.30. p.m. There will be a lunch and coffee break.

I will bring some materials and tools for everyone to use. You basically need to bring your openness for experimenting. And – if you can – also
• various types of paper (e.g. tissue paper, crepe paper, book pages, newspaper,…)
• a pair of scissors
• paper scalpell and support mat for cutting
• needle and yarn
• glue (e.g. all purpose glue and/or glue used for decoupage)
• additional material of your choice: beads, buttons, crocheting wool, found objects, wire, felt….
• Supplies for DIY jewelry making e.g. earring hook, necklace chains and hooks, blank rings. You can also buy some supplies in the workshop.
• a container to transport your creations home
• used fashion jewelry that you want to transform
• a good idea: some container to transport your creations (e.g. paper bag)

Location: MachWerk München, Schulstraße 1, at Rotkreuzplatz. Central and easy to reach by public transport. Being a place where creative workshops with different artists – and kids – take place on a daily basis, the space has a unique creative atmosphere.

cost per person: 160 EUR

number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 8.

Please email to register. I will send you payment details and further information. Registration is valid after payment has been made.

Papierschmuck - Ines Seidel